Celebs in Threads

Golden Knights William "Wild Bill" Karlsson wearing the It's a Great Day for Vegas Hockey Tee and the Original NV Snapback.

Local LEGEND and MLB All-Star Bryce Harper on the front of the USA Today wearing the Threads of eNVy Hockey Goon Tee.

The amazing and talented local Renee Young of the WWE rocking the LOCAL hoodie!

Local LEGEND and rockstar Chris Kael of Five Finger Death Punch rockin the Golden NV hat.

The voice of the Golden Knights and one of our absolute favorite locals, Big D with the original heather grey NV Snapback!

The one and only Bryce Harper scootin around with the Season 2 Vegas Hockey hat and tee!

2 of our favorites, William Karlsson and Oscar Dansk out in Stockholm showing NV love with the Threads of eNVy orginal NV snapbacks.



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