Vegas Hockey is taking the city by storm!

Since the arrival of the Golden Knights the city has been more united then ever. With a record of 22-9-2 and being first place in the pacific division, Las Vegas has rallied behind our new team and created an energy in the city unlike any other. 

The inspiration behind our Vegas Hockey gear comes from a team that has brought unity and joy to the entire city. Being at a home game and being able to wear a shirt inspired by your favorite hockey team makes you apart of something bigger than just a sports team. From shirts, socks, jackets, and beanies you can rock your Vegas Hockey gear in style and make any one of your friends jealous. 

"Growing up in Vegas I never had a sports team I can actually follow. I spent time in other cities for a short amount of time and watched a few of their games here and there. Now I haven't missed a single game! The passion I have for this team is something I never felt but always envied about other cities with sports teams. Feels great to finally have a team I can rally behind" -Mitch-

Check our Vegas Hockey collection and get your rally gear today. Stand out and get yourself on that jumbotron!