The Golden Knights keep breaking records

It seems like every game, the Golden Knights break some type of inaugural season record. Well, thats because they do!

They have broken the NHL record for most wins in an inaugural season, which also accounts for another record broken, the most points in an inaugural season. They have also broken the NHL record for most road wins, and have countless players setting personal records during the regular season. One of those players is William "Wild Bill" Karlsson! He just set a personal record for most goals in a single season, finishing his last home game with 40. He has been a major asset to the Golden Knights, being the top scorer on the team and only 5 goals behind from leading the NHL.

Now we're coming into playoff season, where every face-off, check, shot, goal and point matter. With the Golden Knights on a record breaking spree and its players constantly setting personal records, Vegas is extremely optimistic about holding that Stanley Cup high above our heads! And with 6/1 odds in the sports book, its looking pretty good!