The Golden Knights Eat Season Records for Breakfast

As major professional hockey fanswe pay close attention here at Threads of eNVy — a Nevada-based startup apparel company — to pretty much everything our local NHL team does both on and off the ice. Which leads me to ask you this: 

Am I crazy or does it seem like the Golden Knights are breaking some type of inaugural season record every single game? Truth isthey are!

Check out these stats:

• The team has broken the NHL record for most wins in an inaugural season
• They’ve also broken the NHL record for most road wins
• Add to that the countless Golden Knights players who have personal records during the regular season


The Knights’ inaugural season has been so remarkable that NBC Sports will televise a 30-minute show on April 3rd — prior to the Boston Bruins vs Tampa Bay Lightning game — focused exclusively on how the expansion franchise and its cast of players has defied all odds in making its way to the top of the NHL standings in just its first year. 

Meet Wild Bill Karlsson

Let’s just take one of those players as a “for instance.” William "Wild Bill" Karlsson just set a personal record for the most goals scored in a single season, finishing his last home game with 42. That’s not a bit shabby. As top scorer on the team, he’s been a major asset to the Golden Knights. In fact, Karlsson is just three goals away from leading the NHL.

After being drafted 53rd overall by the Anaheim Ducks in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, the 25-year-old Karlsson — who hails from Märsta, Sweden, and played overseas until 2014 — spent part of the 2014-2015 with the Anaheim Ducks before being shipped down to that franchise’s AHL team in Norfolk, Virginia, and was then traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets. After two years with Columbus (2015-2016/2016-2017), Wild Bill made his way to Las Vegas via the expansion draft.

The Golden Knights are Playoff Bound

So now, with Wild Bill leading the way, we Golden Knights fans find ourselves arriving at playoff season where every face-off, check, shot, goal and point is critical to the outcome. With the home team Knights on a record-breaking spree — and, of course, its players continuing to set their own personal records — all of Las Vegas (as well as those of us here at Threads of eNVyis certainly optimistic about a Stanley Cup appearance and win is well within reach.

Call me clairvoyant, but with 6/1 odds in the sports book, I’m having visions of that shiny silver cup being held up over our heads here in Las Vegas Valley.