Tark the Shark- Jerry Tarkanian

Tark the Shark coached college basketball for 31 seasons over 5 decades, with the majority of his career coaching the UNLV Runnin' Rebels. Jerry Tarkanian created a basketball dynasty at UNLV leading our team four times to the Final Four of the NCAA Mens Division Basketball Tournament and winning the national championship in 1990. 

You can't go anywhere in our beautiful city without seeing some style of the UNLV logo. It comes in all different forms from t-shirts, jackets, hats and bumper stickers. What you don't see is the legend himself being honored for what he has created at one of the only Universities in our great state, outside of UNR in Reno. This has to come to an end, the legacy he created needs to be recognized throughout our valley and it all starts with us! So what is the best way to make this happen? Well that's an easy question...

Everyone in today's society has some type of smart phone with access to the internet while on the go. Let's be honest, we would all be lost without it. So, I'll take you step by step on how to honor this wonderful mans legacy!

1. Visit www.ThreadsofeNVy.com

2. Click the 'search' icon in the top right of the website

3. Type in the word 'TARK'

4. Grab yourself a 'Tark the Shark' tee and proceed to checkout.

It's truly that easy! Let's extend the legacy created and show our Valley the pride we have for the dynasty that has been created behind our UNLV basketball program. Just know, you will stand out and everyone will want to know to where you got it. Tell them Threads of eNVy and spread the love like a virus! WE ARE #VEGASSTRONG!