Super Bowl 2018

With Super Bowl 2018 in the history books, the Philadelphia Eagles take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy and enough pride and joy to their city to feel around the entire world! Can you imagine the feeling the Philadelphia locals felt when the game clock hit zero in the 4th quarter with an 8 point lead? Better yet, can you imagine the pride that city will have for the years to come? Threads of eNVy has created lines of apparel that give you that same sense of pride to the city you call home.

When you live in a city, you can't help but have this sense of pride and love for your hometown. You wear hats, beanies, shirts, jackets and pants that represent the pride you feel because you want everyone to know where you call home! This is exactly how Threads of eNVy was founded. With the owners being veterans of the Armed Forces, wearing their uniform represented more than just the branch they were in, it represented the pride we had for our county! We wanted to bring that same feeling to those who share that pride for their hometowns. 

Check out our website and you'll see exactly what we mean, from our roots in the fabulous Las Vegas, to our My City line spreading love in other hometowns across our great nation!