Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is a trophy awarded to the National Hockey League playoff winner and is the oldest trophy to be awarded in professional sports. 

Just imagine, the oldest trophy in professional sports awarded to the newest team in professional sports. You know who I'm talking about! The Vegas Golden Knights! This team has the most wins in an inaugural season, a 99% chance to make the playoffs and is favored 6/1 to win the Stanley Cup! This was all done in its first year as a professional franchise! Not only is this team creating history, it's uniting a city like you have never seen. No matter where you go, you see Golden Knight shirts, jackets and hats. You hear the constant chatter of "last nights game" in the grocery store or even when you're just trying to get a workout at the gym. The Golden Knights are much more than a sports team in the entertainment capital of the world! We are a family! And when we hold that trophy above our heads and skate around the rink, you will know why we are Vegas Strong!