NHL Playoffs

It's Playoff season!! The National Hockey League playoffs are an elimination tournament of eight teams from each of the two conferences, who qualify based off regular season points.

I'm sure there is a lot of talk of who will be in the playoffs and who is going to win the Stanley Cup. As locals, we know one team we want to win and who has a pretty good chance to make the NHL history books. The Vegas Golden Knights! A franchise team who has broken several records including most wins in an expansion season! With a 99% chance to make the playoffs and tied as the favorite to win the Stanley Cup with 6/1 odds, Las Vegas is ready to celebrate its first home town championship win!

The Vegas Golden Knights are hands down the best expansion team in the history of pro sports, crushing every other expansion teams stats that has started in the National Hockey League. Not only are we the best expansion team in history, we have been named the number one team to see at home in the NHL! If you haven't been to a home game at the beautiful T-Mobile Arena, you're truly missing out. The energy from the crowd sends goose bumps through your whole body and will almost bring a tear to your eye. The culture is like no other team in sports! Las Vegas finally has a team to rally behind and believe me, rally is an understatement. Get yourself down to a game before the season ends! I promise, you won't regret it!