My City- Why people love their cities

Have you noticed when you're in any city in America, you see an overwhelming amount people wearing gear that represents the city they love? Why do people love their cities so much? 

The most common reason is people are born in these cities and want to show off their pride for their hometown. But what about the individuals that call other cities home and still represent the city they live in? Las Vegas is a perfect example of this. We are a melting pot of people from all over the globe. I just want to bring to light a few reasons people love living in cities and are proud to represent them. 

One big reason is the history. Lets start with Las Vegas and the iconic Las Vegas Boulevard. This is known all over the world and people come from every corner of the globe to experience the lights, drinking, food and of course, the gambling! What about the Big Apple? I could spend the next few hours talking about the history in New York but I'm just going to mention a few. The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State building, Times Square and Central Park. If you haven't had the opportunity to visit, I highly suggest you do. San Fransisco, aka the Bay Area, you can visit Alcatraz and spend a day in the worlds scariest and most secured prison or check out Lombard street which has been highlighted in countless movies. New Orleans, aka The Big Easy, has the iconic Bourbon Street, a stretch of road with bars, music and amazing restaurants! 

These are just a few examples, but once you move to these cities or even just spend a weekend visiting, you can't help but want to show everyone in the world how much you love the city! Threads of eNVy has now made that even easier for you by launching it's 'My City' line. A line dedicated to bringing pride closer to the individuals who live there or have visited and fell in love with the culture, especially with Las Vegas being the melting pot it is. Make sure you check it out and grab yourself some gear from all your favorite cities!