My City brings pride to your hometown!

My City is the best way to show pride for your hometown! Las Vegas is melting pot of people from all over the country. This line allows you to show your love for all your favorite cities and brings the hottest apparel straight to your doorstep. If you are looking to rep your hometown and show everyone in your life where your roots are this line is the best way to do it! Check out My City and show everyone where you call home! 

One of the founders of Threads of eNVy was born and raised in the Bay Area and moved to Las Vegas shortly after college. The love he has for his hometown is what inspired our Bay Area Born & Raised Shirt in our My City collection. "Being able to rep the city where I was raised in while being in Las Vegas makes me feel back at home."  -Scott- 

The Denver line was inspired by our other founder where his entire family resides and where he spends every year visiting to go on his annual hunts with the boys. "There's nothing better than visiting family every year and being able to show my pride for a city that means so much to me" -Mitch-

Wherever you call home My City brings you quality apparel the you can you look your best in and show your love for the city you keep closest to your heart.