Las Vegas Shirts

What do you think about when you hear "Las Vegas Shirt"? A tee with the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas sign? A tee full of cards, poker chips, and slot machines? Or even just a tee with a silhouette of the famous Las Vegas Strip? This is normally what you'll see if you search the all knowing Google for these famous t-shirts. Threads of eNVy has brought a new twist to these style of t-shirts. Something that means more that just gambling, booze and city outlines. We have provided something more than just a tee, we provide something anyone who has a love for our city can be proud of!

Outside of the things mentioned above, there is a lot more to our city people want to rep when getting dressed for the day. We have sports teams that have created an impact on our culture this city has never seen and are home to some of the best athletes and tattoo artist in the world. When you visit our site you will see an overwhelming amount of product that represent the things that are the foundation of what this city is truly made of. You'll find tee's that just show your pride for being a local or native to Nevada. Tee's that represent the tattoo world which is a major industry in our beloved city and tee's that show love to professional athletes that call our city home. 

Everywhere you go you see apparel that represents pride around states like California and Hawaii. What you don't see is apparel representing pride around the greatest city in the entire nation, Las Vegas. Well those days are over! Threads of eNVy has brought unity and pride to our city by creating apparel that embodies what we are truly proud of. Grab yourself a tee, hoodie or hat and show the world where you're from! #VegasStrong!