Kids Clothes

Nothing brings a smile to a persons face more than an adorable little kid dressed up just like their mom and dad. How many of you have seen this while you are out running errands or are the type of parents that do that themselves? Doesn't it just make you smile ear to ear? 

Threads of eNVy has created a kids line that allows you to make your little ones the center of attention no matter where you go and match mommy and daddy perfectly, showing the world just how proud you are to call them yours. You can both show off your Golden Knights or Raiders pride by rocking gear inspired by our cities newest teams, or just show the world how proud you are to call Nevada home by representing our Local Tee and matching perfectly. No matter what you choose, you are sure to turn some heads and get some smiles! Make sure you take some pictures! These are photos you are going to want to stick in your photo album! Check out our kids line and make your son or daughter the best dressed kid in Nevada!