Fashion trends of 2018

As we go in to the new year fashion trends tend to change and people are constantly trying to keep up with whats hot. Our new fashion collection brings a type of style to the streets that speaks directly to who you are as an individual and will give your family  and friends a good laugh as well. 

Have you ever been out and about with friends who started the party a little sooner you did? And now you find yourself trying to catch up and trying to "get on their level". Our Help I'm Sober tee is the perfect tee for that occasion. Show up to the party and let everyone in the room know you are in need of something to drink asap. 

Im sure you all know someone who loves puppies more than they love humans. Our Puppies make me happy tee is the perfect gift for them. They can proudly let the world know that the key to their heart has fur and a tail not arms and legs. 

2018 is going to bring a lot of different things to the fashion world. Be the first to represent something bigger than just a bunch of models walking across a stage wearing stuff you would never buy. The fashion collection bring a new spin to fashion and you can be the first to rock it.