Best places to watch fireworks on New Years in Las Vegas

Can you think of a better place to be than the entertainment capital of the world when the clock strikes midnight on New Years eve? I can't. 

Las Vegas is well known for being over the top when it comes to entertainment. At the stroke of midnight you will see over 80,000 rockets launched from 7 different resorts and light up our beautiful desert sky. So where are the best places to watch them? Well here are a couple spots you might want to check out. 

Caesars Palace- In addition to being one of the resorts that shoots off the fireworks, they also have a viewing party in the Roman courtyard. 

Beer Park- Located at the Paris, you can get a fantastic view of the fireworks and watch the Bellagio fountains while you wait. 

Linq High Roller- What could be cooler than breaking in the New Year inside the worlds biggest Ferris wheel?

Now, these are just a couple locations you can check out on the strip. I'm sure you all have your own favorite spots around the city. Feel free to share your favorite location that we may not have talked about and maybe we'll see you there! Don't forget to wrap up in our Local Hoodie, its going to be chilly out!