Bella Hadid Yuck Fou

In our last blog we talked about fashion trends and what Threads of eNVy is bringing to the market to make 2018 your most fashionable year yet. When it comes to fashion no one does it better than the woman in our title, Bella Hadid. 

Bella Hadid was born in Los Angeles where she first started to model at the age of 16 years old. In December of 2014 Hadid made her first cover on Jalouse magazine. Some of the other covers she has been on are Seventeen, Unconditional Magazine, Grey Magazine, V Magazine, Editorialist, Wonderlands 10th Birthday edition, S Moda, Evening Standard, Teen Vogue, and Twin Magazine. On December 31st, she was announced the new ambassador to Dior Makeup. 

Threads of eNVy has launched a fashion line that will make you the center of attention in 2018. It shows everyone in your circle who you are down to your core and will get you some good laughs along the way. Don't believe us? Check out our IG @threadsofeNVy and see Bella Hadid rocking the Yuck Fou shirt