2017: Las Vegas became one

What makes a hat iconic?  Think about some of the hats that first come to mind…The Infamous NY Yankees hat, The LA Dodgers hat, The classic San Diego Padres hat, Boston Red Sox hat, etc.  Fans and people of those cities wear those hats daily to show the love and pride of not just their team, but more importantly the city they love. 

The Amazing City of Las Vegas was founded in 1905, but came alive and began to create some of that same city love and loyalty in 2017.  What changed?  People for many years have moved from all over the U.S. and beyond and settled in Las Vegas, but held on tight to their roots and their “home” teams.  In 2017 this city came together like never before. The unfortunate event that took place on October 1, 2017 showed the rest of the world what we as residents already knew about this amazing place we call home.  Not only did the main victims fund raise over $11 million dollars, it was the blood drives food donations, and pure love that this city gave.  Soon after the inaugural season of the Las Vegas Golden Knights took place.  On Friday, October 6th the Knights took on the Dallas Stars and with the city on their back won their first official game 2-1.   The following week, the Golden Knights had their home opener against the Arizona Coyotes and scored four goals in the opening 10:42.  With this 5-2 win, the Golden Knights became the first expansion team to start 3-0-0.  As of today December 26, 2017 the Las Vegas Golden Knights stand atop of the Pacific Division with a 23-9 record and having a season to remember.

So to my earlier question, what changed? Las Vegas became one.  Residents still hold their home towns and teams close to their hearts, but the Knights have given us something to all rally behind and the sense of Vegas Pride has really started to show.  With the Raiders slotted to play in their new Las Vegas stadium/home in 2020 we are bullish on the Vegas pride to continue to grow.

We mentioned some iconic hats and the iconic cities that they represent. Threads of eNVy, a Las Vegas based company knew we needed an iconic hat that stood out and allowed the people who love this city/state or call Las Vegas or Nevada home.  They created the NV LOGO HAT to let us show our pride and love.  We are still a somewhat young city/state, and know there are many transplants.  The melting pot of Vegas and the state of Nevada continues to evolve.  We just hope that next to that NY hat, sits an NV logo hat.